2015 — A new year! Time to get going!

Get Going Green Shoes

Carrie and I found this bright floor sign at Kohl’s today. Not only was it a perfect color match for her shoes, it seemed like a ‘kick in the pants’ New Year’s message.

Last year I did not bother to set any goals.  But I feel enthusiastic to make a few thoughtful, purposeful goals in 2015.  Exactly what, I have not decided. But I have several things rattling around in my head for consideration.

From time to time, when I feel frustrated about how a certain area of my life is going, a familiar  phrase pops into my head:  “If you keep doin’ what you’re doin’, you’ll keep gettin’ what you’re gettin’.” This is a good reminder to me that we have the ability to change and to alter the trends in our lives.  One thing I have been frustrated with lately (pre-holiday) was the early morning fatigue I felt each day at 5:38 a.m. when the alarm would go off.  I realize that I can at least minimize that groggy feeing if I would be more disciplined at going to bed earlier. I do think that will be one of my goals for 2015. It is hard to train an old NIGHT OWL dog….but it is worth a try.  🙂

Does any one want to share something they want to improve in this year?


One thought on “2015 — A new year! Time to get going!

  1. hmmm… My goal for 2015 is to be more health conscious and make sustainable changes to my routine. Like, working out and eating healthier. Also, to improve my mental health by being more positive in my thoughts.


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