The Pizza Showdown


One activity we decided to have during the Christmas holiday was a “Pizza Showdown”.  From time to time others have ask which pizza the Neuffer family prefers. We figured it was time for a solid answer.

Through the years we have enjoyed Giordano’s, so that was a shoe-in contestant.  Viccino’s is right around the corner and  a tasty pizza….contestant # 2. Lou Malnati’s Pizzaria is a North Shore favorite and an invitation seemed proper. Lastly, Alex did some research on Chicago pizza favorites and found the # 1 rated pie not too far away. Pequod’s was our final contestant.

The orders were phoned in.  One was delivered, two were picked up and one turned out to be an imaginary order made by Trudy.  Ooops!

The original plan was to order all of the same pizza (Stuffed Spinach) so there could be an ‘apples to apples’ comparison.  But the call of pizza variety was too strong to resist. The pizzas that were orderd were:

Vichino’s – stuffed spinach (imaginary and calorie free)

Lou Malnati’s – ‘The Lou’  (deep dish) garlic butter crust, fresh mushrooms, spinach, fresh sliced roma tomatoes, and cheeses.

Giordano’s- ‘The Works’ (stuffed) – Italian sausage, mushroom, onion and green pepper cheese.

Pequods – Pan pizza – cheese

Since our Viccino’s pizza did not pan out (pun intended)—we did not have our fourth pizza for comparison. Boo Hoo! But the other three proved to be tasty, yet very different. The crusts and sauces varied greatly and we found things we liked about each pie, but in the end I think we all agreed that the winner for the 2014 pizza showdown was from Giordano’s.


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